Exploring the city like you would a mountain town

Exploring the city like you would a mountain town

Spending time in a mountain town, or any outdoor space can be exhilarating and packed with activities depending on how packed your schedule is. Hiking to whichever summit you have your eye on, or finding the next secret trail to open up into a valley or to the base of a waterfall. When in the mountains or any outdoors spaces, you tend to really take advantage of your time, and you never want to waste a day. That same schedule and mentality would also allow you to take advantage of your time in the city. There are so many activities to do while in the city, if you just look at it with the same lens you would use when exploring the outdoors.

An early morning wake up call can be the norm when spending some time in the outdoors. There is something so serene about waking up early, crawling out of your tent, and taking a walk to listen to the sounds of nature. Getting the chance to hear the birds, as well as other animals start to wake up can be very calming. You may get a similar feeling if you have an early start in the city. Waking up, and going for a walk at sunrise, or better yet, a sunrise paddle on the lake can be an incredible experience. The lakes in the early morning tend to be relatively flat and calm. It is definitely a great opportunity for beginner paddlers, and those who are just looking for an early morning workout to start the day.

Early morning walks and a possible lake paddle, would give you a lot of time left in the day to explore. One of the best ways to explore the city is by bicycle. Cruising on the city streets can be both fun and offer a great workout. It may not be mountain biking through the Whistler bike park, but biking in the city can give you a different kind of flow state. There are so many stimuli in the city. It forces you to keep your mind focused, and always looking ahead and prepping for every pedal stroke. Planning your speed and your cadence is a fun, fast paced puzzle with every intersection you cycle through. Navigating around the streetcar tracks, and doing your best to avoid the potholes would be similar to mountain biking trails. While on the trail, you are constantly planning ahead as you are cycling over roots and rocks and always flirting with the idea of pulling the brakes, especially on any downhill section. Cycling in the city does not always have to be so fast paced. It can also be fairly relaxed and much more about taking in the sights that the city has to offer. The bike lane network in most cities also has great access and is easy to navigate.

Experiencing the outdoors while living in the city can be so much fun. One does not have to wait to find the next cheapest flight out of the city to go visit another part of the country. As much as I love experiencing life in the mountains, there’s something so satisfying about exploring a place you know so well, by doing activities you would normally save for your next vacation.

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