about us


GURU Organic Energy is the world’s first natural energy drink – ​the organic choice that delivers great taste and Guuuud Energy.

GURU energy drinks are made from a short list of plant-based active ingredients, including natural caffeine, with zero sucralose and zero aspartame. These carefully-sourced ingredients are crafted into unique blends that push your body to go further and your mind to feel sharper.​

That’s what makes GURU your trusted source of Guuuud Energy.​

Finding a GURU is easy when we search for the right values.

Our Mission

GURU believes energy shouldn’t come at the expense of health. Which is why we are on a mission to clean up the energy drink industry, one can at a time.


Our Products

We’ve been mixing and brewing high-quality energy drinks since 1999! Our formula is the result of years of experimentation to find the perfect balance of natural, plant-based ingredients. We know when energy comes directly from earthy, organic sources, it’s got to be good! Learn more about our natural ingredients and their benefits in each product page.

Our Story


In the fabric of change, revolutions often spark in the most unexpected corners. 

Rewind back to the vibrant nights of ‘95, where the Montreal after hour scene was pumping with vibes and Smart Drinks held the spotlight. Our GURU founder had just opened the legendary SONA Nightclub. Justin, our Art Director, was blending the legendary plant-based Justin’s Smart Drinks at the very same place. 

Fast forward to ‘99 and voilà, the world’s first Natural Energy Drink was born: GURU. Why? To provide our tribe with the perfect dose of good energy matching their vibe and lively lifestyles. 

Two decades down the road, we’ve waltzed beyond the nocturnal rhythms of nightlife. Today, GURU is more than a drink; it’s a choice for good, for fun, uplifting not just your nights but every waking moment. 

Cheers to GURU – not merely an energy drink but a symbol of choosing Guuuud energy, because every sip is a nod to living life in full colour!


In 1999, we launched the world’s first Natural Energy Drink to provide our friends with a clean source of energy to sustain their demanding lifestyle.


20 years later, we graduated from the nightlife and are now crafting GURU to inspire our community to become the best version of themselves. We spend a bit less time partying and more time outside reconnecting with nature.


    The unsung superheroes of daily life, spreading positivity like confetti.

    Good People are the human high-fives, making the world brighter one smile at a time.


    Sip on the potion of vitality! “Good for you” is the cosmichigh-five to your well-being.It’s the approval forchoosing a healthy energydrink, a concoction of goodvibes and even betteringredients. 


    Living your best life is the retreat of turning the mundane into a masterpiece. ​

    It’s a symphony of joy, a feast of well-being, and a daily dance with happiness.​


    Good Impact is the positive hurricane leaving smiles, inspiration, and good vibes in its wake. ​

    From small acts of kindness to grand gestures, it’s the superhero cape every do-gooder wears, making the world a better place, one heartwarming moment ​at a time.​