The Guided Touring POW X GURU

The Guided Touring POW X GURU

If home is where our heart is, it’s no secret to anyone now that ours has always been in the outdoors. For many of us (if not most of us), the moments we live outside are the ones that allow us to connect and find our true nature. But if we don’t protect our natural playgrounds from climate change, this home, our home, will be lost. 

Over the years, Protect Our Winters Canada has been uniting the outdoor community to advocate for policy on climate change. This is why we’re proud to announce the renewal of our partnership with Protect Our Winters Canada and to give the climate fighting movement in Canada the good energy it needs to move forward. Many climate victories have been achieved by the POW community already, and we hope we can help collect even more of them in the future.

To learn more about POW, its athletes and climate change, we create season 2 of The Guided Touring POW X GURU. Step up your climate-fighting game on your next nature walk by listening to fun and educational podcasts with renowned POW athletes and scientists Listen to this playlist on your way up the hill to get your body – and your brain – moving!

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If you want even more podcasts, listen to season 1 here.

Enjoy the ride!

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