Sustainability planet

Ingredients that are good for you & the Planet

Sourcing organic ingredients is key to creating healthier, sustainable farming and a better future for everyone. This is because the way organic ingredients are grown prevents pollutants from entering our soil or water, helping the absorption of carbon, which in turn helps cut atmospheric emissions. Nice, right?

So let’s drink to a brighter, more eco-friendly future.

Our Clean Ups

From our mountains, to our waters, to our cities, we have partnered with key organizations to participate in many community cleanups across Canada. We're proud to be back this year with The Blue Organization and its official cleanup tour.

Every Discovery Pack =One Tree Planted

For every Discovery Pack purchased, we plant one tree in the Amazon Rainforest, where our guayusa is sourced. Our initiative protects and restores primary forests by planting young, well-placed trees in an effort to stabilize the climate and give back to Mother Nature.

Keep the Good Energy Going

100% of our primary and secondary packaging is made with reusable materials: aluminum and cardboard. With your help in disposing of them correctly, all these materials can live on. This is especially true for our cans, which can be recycled multiple times. Please return your empties to your deposit centre and keep the good energy going!