Joel K. Fuller : One With Nature

Joel K. Fuller : One With Nature

The GURU Team recently met with Joel K. Fuller in his wooden cabin in Squamish, BC. Joel is an outdoor lover, artist and photographer. Through conversation, he opened up and explained how nature, arts and sports are related to trees, moss, water, air and beyond. He took the time to put into words how he feels connected to the nature that surrounds his cabin and shared a piece of his mind with us.

"I’ve lived in Squamish for 9 months now. A split decision to put roots down in a new place and live in a cabin with two close friends. I get inspiration from the people, places, and energy that surround me and have made choices in my life to reflect this. Right now, I think it’s one of the best spaces and communities I’ve ever found myself in. Everywhere I look, people are going after it outside. Everyone here, in their own way, finds a similar peace or meaning in their lives; an inner peace and calmness through the outer peace that comes from breathing fresh air and exercising in nature. Whether it’s ski touring, mountain biking, trail running, climbing, or just mindful walking in the forest, everywhere I look people are creating, absorbing, and sharing this energy.

Art for me is a personal and mindful practice that grounds me. The energy for me to pick up a pen and create is often inspired by the space I find myself in. When I look outside the windows of my home, all I see is forest. I hear the spirit of birds, the flow of water, and the sway of trees. The more time I spend here, the more connected I feel to the complexity and life-giving energy of trees. Living off-grid means that our only source of heat is a wood stove. A fire-smart program this fall and spring means that all the wood we’ve collected is literally from the forest that surrounds us. The smell of cedar fills my lungs and all four walls of our cabin are stacked with wood that once lived right next to us, wood we worked with our own hands and sweat, and wood that gives us the energy we need to stay warm. A stone's throw away from world-class mountain biking and friends who want to enjoy life as much as I do, I feel no constraints here.

Energy for me is where I create."

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