Reed Godfrey: Juggling with the different aspects of a student athlete’s life

Reed Godfrey: Juggling with the different aspects of a student athlete’s life

As a student athlete studying engineering and competing in Nordic skiing at the highest level, I challenge my mind and body every single day. I’ve been at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana, studying engineering and competing for the nordic ski team for the past three years. It has been an adventure to say the least. So far, these three years have been the best of my life, but also the most challenging.

When I am not in lecture, studying, learning, or completing assignments, my spare moments are devoted to becoming the best skier that I can possibly be. I’ve always been a high achiever, constantly improving towards the next goal. Coming off of twelve Canadian national championship podiums and three national titles in skiing, my goals have pivoted towards different skiing achievements while juggling an engineering degree at the same time. Being a student athlete has taught me that multiple feats can be achieved simultaneously when time and energy are monitored and managed.

My biggest daily challenge is maintaining my energy for school after a full load of training. Before coming to university, I had the luxury of being able to fully rest and recover after workouts, which made it much easier to restore my batteries for the next training session. Now, that is not exactly reality for me! While constantly on the run between lectures, labs, tutoring, ski trails, and strength rooms, I often find myself in need of quick and sustainable energy. After a hard pre-sunrise workout, I require the best source of energy to excel in my studies. I monitor what I fuel myself with closely, that is why I reach for organic and plant-based options to offer me a sustained boost to keep me afloat during my demanding day.

With ingredients and a brand that I can feel proud of, I recognize Guru as an essential component to my academic and athletic journey. It is hard to envision my day without Guru now that it has been part of my daily routine. Whether it is on top of a peak, in the classroom, 6am strength, or when I’m pulling an all-nighter for an exam, I can’t imagine a better energy drink to help me succeed!

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